Coat (vintage) / Scarf – Gina tricot / Shirt – H&M / Jeans – Weekday / Shoes – Dinsko
So this is what I wore on a rainy day this week. My hair
was wet but at least my outfit was on point so, it’s ok.. haha! 😀 
I wore this vintage camel coat that’s made of wool and cashmere and 
it’s super warm! It’s my favorite winter coat! And here’s another pair of Weekday jeans. 
I’m absolutely obsessed with their jeans! But I have to admit I cut them to this
 length myself because I prefer shorter jeans. Every time I buy jeans I always shorten 
them or when I’m not sure about cutting them I just roll them up. I think it’s 
just more flattering and it makes your legs look a bit longer. And  
they don’t take any attention off your shoes!
xo Sylvie

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