Leather jacket – H&M / Top – MISSGUIDED / Jeans – WEEKDAY / Shoes – ZARA
Hey guys! This is today’s outfit.
It was a rainy and windy day so a leather jacket was perfect for this weather.
I love wearing black. It’s one of my favorite colors and also a safe bet
when I can’t decide what to wear, because I think you can never go wrong
in black. The way to pull off an outfit in one color is to mix different shapes
and textures so it looks more interesting and detailed. Otherwise it can
look a little flat if you’re wearing the same material throughout the whole outfit.
I like pairing soft textures with leather for a nice contrast, but I think since it’s
starting to get warmer I won’t be wearing a leather jacket in a while.
I feel like it’s trench coat season now so I wanna buy a good 
black one that goes with everything..
I hope you all had a great week!
xo Sylvie

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