Denim shirt – LEVI’S / Shorts – GINA TRICOT / Shoes (similar)
 Hey guys! So this is today’s outfit. Denim on denim.
My favorite combo! I think this look looks pretty casual because of
how loose the shorts and shirt are, but this is also a very classic look. 
Wearing an all denim outfit always looks chic especially if it’s all in a similar 
shade of blue. For the shoes I almost went with my beige ankle boots
but then I thought that these black boots sort of complete the outfit better 
because they’re a lot darker than the rest of the outfit so they don’t 
take any attention from everything else.
Now I’m gonna plan an outfit for tomorrow ’cause I’m going to a wedding
(I love weddings!) and I wanna look very chic and colorful.
Hope you all have a good weekend too! 🙂
xo Sylvie

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