Jacket – H&M / Vintage sweater / Jeans – Only / Boots (similar)
This is what I wore today. I think black is always a good idea!
It’s kinda cold today so I also had a scarf but I think it’s still ok to wear a 
leather jacket in this weather if you have a good sweater under it. I got
this sweater a long time ago and I just love it, it’s so retro and cool. These
jeans are from Only and I got them a looong time ago and I didn’t really
like them anymore so I just kept them in the back of my closet and I 
remembered them recently and got them out of there and cut them up
to make them fit my style and now I’m so into them again!
xo Sylvie

4 replys to Black

  1. You really look perfect in black as perfect are your everyday outfits as well! You're so inspiring to me! I even think I found a "twin" friend sharing with me the same tastes and attitudes, as for example I never wear, just like you, any tights or kinda socks not even in the depths of winter! I just hate them! lol
    Try if possible to put more of just one photo in your posts so that readers can see your outfits from different points of view.
    Love, Mila

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