Poncho – H&M / Skirt – Asos / Shoes – Public Desire
Ok, so I know it’s not super warm over here anymore but I’m still 
wearing outfits like these. Every year I always tell myself not to
wear “winter clothes” before it starts snowing. Those of you who live
in Finland you already know that winter over here is sooooo long and
for that entire time my outfit is usually covered with a big coat and I can’t
really enjoy it as much so now that it’s not very cold yet I’m gonna keep
wearing what I like, as long as I’m not freezing of course. Tho I have to admit
I was wearing a coat today, but I don’t think this outfit really needed one! 🙂
xo Sylvie

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  1. Todella ihastuttava asu taas kerran! 🙂 Haha mä oon ihan samanlainen, että "kituuttelen" viimeseen asti ilman talvi kenkiä ja – takkeja, koska niitä pitää kuitenkin pitää niin monta kuukautta ':)

  2. Yeah, I understand you, Siberian winter is very long and cold as well, so I try to resist like you as long as I can before wearing any winter clothes even if maybe I'm a little bolder than you since if I'm not really freezing I don't care even about the snow.
    Anyway…your look is absolutely fantastic! Comfy and yet stylish and elegant at the same time!! I can't wait for you to post this look on lookbook too so that I can give you my heart there as well!
    Love, Mila

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