Suede skirt

Knit – H&M / Suede skirt – O.I.S / Heels – Dinsko
This is what I wore yesterday. 
I wore this amazing suede skirt for the first time since I got it and I 
have to say that I was a little nervous about getting it because
I wasn’t sure if it would go with a lot of stuff, but turns out that it does!
 It’s also a big statement piece for this fall, definitely something that’s 
been on my must-have list for a while so I’m so happy I finally found a good
suede skirt and got it! I paired it up with white pumps and this oversize knit 
because I love big knits and I think they are just so soft and cozy witch is
perfect for this cold weather. This one is in a really cool light beige color 
which looks great with the color of the skirt.. I think it’s definitely time
to start wearing warmer clothes because it’s getting super cold over here!! 
xo Sylvie

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