Shirt – Zara / Suede skirt – O.I.S. / Boots – Nelly
Hey guys! This is what I wore today.
I’m wearing this suede skirt for the second time and I love how I
keep finding new ways to wear it and new things to pair it with.
I always think of many outfits when I buy clothes so you guys are probably
gonna see me in this skirt again sometime in the future. Anyway, I like
how this shirt goes with this skirt and the color combo is really minimal.
I love wearing these kinds of outfits but since it’s getting colder and colder
I think this is gonna be one of my last fall looks for this year! 
xo Sylvie

4 replys to Thursday

  1. WoW! I'm speechless! Who cares if you wear something for the 2nd time! Anyway the result is absolutely stylish and trendy!! But the most classy detail is in my opinion the little scarf and its combo with the black booties…just stunning!!!
    Love xoxox

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