Vintage coat / Dress – Gina tricot / Boots – Nelly
Hey guys! This is today’s outfit. 
I love wearing all black because I feel like it’s always so chic and edgy. And it’s also 
one of my favorite colors. I think it always looks so cool to wear everything in the
same color, especially if you mix different textures and shapes together it looks more
interesting. I feel like I didn’t wear enough dresses this summer so I thought I’d wear
one today before winter starts. It’s really rainy right now but this wool coat was 
keeping me very warm. Oh and I went to a showroom this morning to
check out a really cool collection but I’ll post the pics tomorrow.
Hope you guys are having a good week!
xo Sylvie

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  1. …I fully agree with you!! Besides you look really very sexy too!! I liked in a special way the dress you're wearing!
    I'm looking forward to see tomorrow's post with the pics of the collection, hoping you bought a lot of cool things! πŸ˜‰

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