Furry knit

D.I.Y. knit / Skirt – H&M / Heels – Asos
Hey guys! This is what I wore today. It’s still not too cold here
so I’m taking full advantage of that. This knit is originally from Lindex 
but it looked nothing like this when I bought it. I ended up sewing it together
 because I wanted to turn it into something else. It was in the shape of a coat first 
and I also shortened it to make it look the way it does now. I don’t know why but
sometimes when I’m buying clothes I think how much better something would
look if it was shorter or in a different shape and since I love a good d.i.y. 
project I just buy it and start editing the clothes and making them more “me”.
So unfortunately this knit wont be found in the store. But I’m sure there are 
similar ones elsewhere so if I find them I’ll link them to this post! 🙂
xo Sylvie

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  1. You.
    I love every gorgeous detail or particular of what you're wearing today!! The knit is absolutely perfect and looks great on you! Definitely the whole outfit is extraordinarily stylish!

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