Grey and white

Knit and Culottes – Lindex / Vintage purse / Heels – Dinsko 
 Hey guys! This is today’s outfit.
Knits are my favorite things to wear this time of the year, especially
one’s with a turtleneck. My favorite thing about them is that I don’t have to wear
a scarf when I’m wearing a turtleneck, because I don’t really like scarves that much.
I got this knit a few days ago. I was walking past Lindex and saw it in the window
and thought I should just get it because it looked so cozy and I’ve been looking for
a grey knit. Oh and I’m finding out that I can still wear culottes after summer 
which is amazing because they’re my favorite kind of pants!
xo Sylvie

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  1. What a lovely outfit! I just adore those culottes (since I like all 7/8 and especially 3/4 pants a lot) and even more I love the whole colour scheme which highlights your wonderful skin tone for which I envy you so much!!!

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