Wool coat

Vintage coat / T shirt – Weekday / Leggings – Gina tricot / Heels – Asos
Hey guys! This is what I’m wearing today.
It’s kinda cold so I’m wearing big coats now. The faux fur collar isn’t a part of
the coat. I actually took it from an old coat my mom used to have and I just put it on
top of any coat like this and it instantly changes the whole look of the coat. I love
vintage coats like these that remind me of a bathrobe, they’re the best thing to 
wear in winter! I’m so excited about this week because I was invited to a big party 
this Friday and I’m gonna start planning my outfit today. I’ll let you guys 
know more about it later this week!
xo Sylvie


  1. Cool! Your idea to put the faux fur collar on top of all your coats really works since it gives them a look much more refined and trendy and yet so cozy and definitely ideal for very cold days! Moreover I liked a lot your leggins and your heels as well!
    I can't wait to know your outfit for next friday's party, I'm so curious Sylvie… 😉



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