Camel and white

Vintage coat / Sweater – H&M / Shirt – Mango / Culottes – Lindex / Heels – Nelly
This is today’s outfit. I was going for a kinda preppy look.
It’s winter over here now but I’m still wearing these culottes. I don’t think I’m
ever gonna get over them and how good they look with almost everything I wear 
them with. There’s something so chic about them I always feel very ladylike when I’m
wearing them! I think one of the most important things about winter is layering your 
clothes, not only because it’s cold but it also looks really good when it’s
done right. For example layering a sweater on top of a simple white shirt like 
this is a way to make your outfit more interesting. It’s a classic look
but still pretty cool!
xo Sylvie

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