Bra on top

Coat – Lindex / Turtleneck – Monki / Bra top – H&M / Skirt – Kappahl / Boots – Nelly
Hey guys! This is today’s look. I feel like spring is getting closer
so I figured why not start wearing some of my spring stuff already on the days that aren’t
too cold. As you already know I’m really obsessed with pencil skirts and I’m pretty sure I have
them in every style imaginable. I just love how versatile they are and how they can go from classy to
edgy in any look. Another thing I’m obsessed with is this turtleneck from Monki. It’s one of my
favorite items at the moment and I’ve been wearing it a lot lately! I’m so glad the weekend
is finally here after this super busy week. Hope you guys have a fun weekend too!!
xo Sylvie

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