Fav all white looks

Hey guys! I feel like I haven’t worn an all white look in a super long
time. I was going through my looks and decided to put together my three most favorite
white looks from last year. If I had to chose a favorite one from these three I would
pick the one in the middle because I think it has a bit of a sporty vibe with the
Wildfox crop top, which I can’t believe I’ve only worn once!? Also
the culottes were my favorite thing to wear last year!
xo Sylvie

8 replys to Fav all white looks

  1. I love you blog, your style and these three looks are bomb! I definitely favour the middle one too although number 3 is super banging too!

  2. I am loving all three of these white looks. Although they are all the same color, they are all completely different looks, which I love. The sporty one in the middle is my favorite also, and I love that you paired something so elegant as your culottes with a crop top. Very cool and all so chic!

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