Navy blue

Trench coat – Lindex / Sweater – Monki / Jeans – Zara / Shes – Asos
Hey everyone! It’s been rainy over here so It’s the perfect time to wear trench coats!
This is one of my favorite trench coats and also the only one I have that’s not in a pastel color.
I love a good monochrome look as you guys know, but sometimes the look can feel a little flat and
in moments like that I think navy blue can be a good alternative for black because it adds more
detail to the look while still keeping it minimal. I really like how navy blue looks 
with white! I hope you guys are having a good weekend!
xo Sylvie

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  1. I must agree that navy blue with white looks great together. I think that it is a good alternative from the normal black, but still is just enough color at the same time. I do love this trench coat and love that you went with a white top and bottoms with it. Your monochromatic dressing never gets old seeing that you have a variety of ways of putting pieces together. Very chic!

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