Black on black

WEEKDAY shirt / MONKI skirt / TOPSHOP belt / ASOS shoes
Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of new posts I’ts been a really busy week,
but I’m back now with some new looks! This is what I was wearing this morning. I was
really missing my all black looks since I haven’t worn black like this in a super long time. I always
feel chic in black because it’s so effortless and cool. I thought the white flats would look really
good with this outfit and kinda make it a bit more fun and also I’ve been wearing these flats 
a lot lately  because they go with everything! I’m so happy to finally be wearing skirts again.
I figured that since it’s summer and finally hot over here, I don’t wanna wear jeans
for a little while! I hope you guys are having a good week and enjoying
the warm weather too!
xo Sylvie

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