Maxi dress

Vintage dress / WEEKDAY T shirt / PUBLIC DESIRE heels
Hey guys! As you can see I’m still really into this trend of wearing
a plain white T shirt underneath a spaghetti strapped dress. This time instead of
the expected slip dress I decided to wear a flowy maxi dress which I found in a vintage
store last winter, but I haven’t had a chance to wear it until now. I love wearing stuff that reveals
the legs, like mini skirts and dresses because I think it looks really cool and if you like your
legs, there’s nothing wrong with showing them off a little! I always try to keep in mind
that summer over here is super short so I make it a point to wear all the things that I can’t
wear during winter and fall. However this look could easily be worn in fall
as well if I switched up the T shirt for a turtleneck.
xo Sylvie

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