Tied shirt

H&M men’s shirt / UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON jeans (remodeled)  / MANGO sandals
Hey guys! This is something I wore in the beginning of this week.
I feel like it’s that time when almost everyone’s summer vacation has started so I put
together this easy summer vacation inspired look, tho I’m still in Helsinki where it’s been raining
daily but I try to take advantage of all the sunny days by wearing fun things like this. Also this
is another interesting way to wear a men’s shirt and kinda put a chic twist to a tied shirt
with these long sleeves and I’m loving how these lace up sandals look when paired with ripped
denim jeans. I can’t wait for this rain to end so I can put some swimwear looks
together. Hope you all have a great weekend!
xo Sylvie

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