New bag!

Hey guys! I’m super excited to show you my new Marc Jacobs bag!
I ordered this from Farfetch and despite their slow delivery time it’s finally here.
It’s actually the first thing I’ve ever bought from Marc Jacobs but I’ve always loved the brand
and the designer. It didn’t take me long to decide what kind of bag I wanted because
I knew I wanted one that I could wear as an every day bag that would be easy to style with any
kind of outfit. So when I saw this one I knew right away that it was the one I wanted to get.
This is the ‘Madison’ shoulder bag in the size medium but the straps come off so I can
wear it as a clutch too. I feel like if you can afford a designer bag you should definitely
invest in a classic one that you can see yourself using for a long time.
I’m soo happy about this bag!!
xo Sylvie

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  1. Oi tosi ihana! Kivasti yhdistelty eri materiaaleja ja kultaiset yksityiskohdat vielä kruunaa 🙂 En malta odottaa, että ne laukun asun kansssa!

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