White on white

GINA TRICOT blazer / MARC JACOBS bag / LINDEX bra / WEEKDAY shorts / ASOS shoes
Hey everyone! This is yesterdays look. I really missed wearing
all white since I haven’t done it in a long time. I wanted this look to be really chic
but also quite edgy so I decided to wear a mesh bra under this tailored blazer instead of
a shirt. I also think that this bra is too pretty to just be hidden underneath a shirt! I’m 
learning that these types of flats can be worn in other looks than just casual ones and they
actually compliment this look very well without making it any less chic. I finally got to
style my Marc Jacobs bag in an outfit and I have to say that it’s quickly becoming my
favorite bag! It just looks so good with everything I wear it with since it’s all black
with the golden hardware but really it’s the suede and leather details that
make it much more special! Have a great weekend guys!
xo Sylvie

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