MONKI shirt / GINA TRICOT shorts / DINSKO heels
Hi everyone! I was feeling like I haven’t been wearing enough color
lately so I put together this blue look with ripped denim shorts a pinstripe shirt
which I stay obsessed with in every season and white pumps. For accessories as you
guys know, I usually don’t bother but I added these golden aviators with a vintage
vibe to complete the look. Even though black and white are my usual go-to colors when
it comes to clothes I still like to play around with color every once in a while and
blue is one of my favorite colors to “spice things up” with because in every shade it’s
still minimal enough to fit with my aesthetic. I feel like I’m more creative with my
looks during summer time because I can pretty much just wear anything that
comes to mind without worrying about a freezing or coats just yet.
xo Sylvie

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