Vintage cashmere coat / ZARA blouse and boots / denim shorts (similar here and here)

Hey guys! This is my way of wearing shorts during autumn while trying to stay warm
at the same time. This is my favorite kind of color combination, these three colors always
compliment each other so well. I think it’s the first time I’m wearing this coat again since
early spring and although I’ve missed it it’s also a sign of how cold it’s starting to get and for
me that’s usually never a good thing but with the amount of coats I’ve collected during these
past few months I’m kinda looking forward to the colder days so I can finally get to wear
them. I couldn’t be happier that my weekend is about to start! I don’t have any plans
this weekend and my family is coming to town so it’s gonna be fun. 
Hope you guys have a good one too!
xo Sylvie

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