Men’s shirt

H&M leather jacket / DRESSMANN shirt / MANGO trousers / ASOS heels
Hey guys! I hope you’re having a good weekend! Here’s a look a wore a few
weeks ago but hadn’t gotten around to sharing it yet. I love a look like this that’s simple
and minimal and a bit androgynous with different proportions. Also I like men’s clothes, a lot!
Whenever I wanna get something oversize I usually go straight to the men’s departments of
my favorite stores because I think they always have all the good stuff like sweaters and shirts.
Not only was this outfit comfortable it’s also one of those really effortlessly easy looks that you
can just throw on but it still looks really well put together.. Surprisingly this is the only
leather jacket look I’ve done this fall! I feel like I just skipped over them and went straight
to long coats the minute the leaves turned yellow. I’m more of a long coat kinda
girl anyways, but this is definitely my favorite leather jacket!
xo Sylvie

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  1. I love the shirt! I always have a look at men's departments of some stores, because sometimes I find great clothes. These will not always fit me, but I try them on anyway. I love your casual and stylish outfit. This is something I would wear everyday, it so full of style! Have a nice day!

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