Minimal basics

Vintage coat / WEEKDAY jeans / ASOS heels
This is another minimal outfit I wore recently. I think there’s nothing more chic
than a long black coat over blue jeans with a pair of slingback heels. I’m really enjoying
the fact that I can wear these kinds of coats again! I don’t like the cold weather but getting
to wear a nice coat makes it better. I wanted to add something a little more edgier to this
look so I chose to wear this sheer top with the prettiest sleeves, ever! I think it takes this
outfit to another level.. It’s usually all about the details with minimal looks.
xo Sylvie

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  1. Hey a weird question out of the blue here; but don't your feet get cold? like I am wearing wollen socks and I get cold all the time how do you do it, what´s your secret? Much love

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