Off shoulder dress

Vintage cashmere coat / MANGO dress / ZARA loafers
Hey guys! So I figured since these days feel like the last days of fall I’d wear
this ribbed off the shoulder dress. Not the warmest choice but I hadn’t gotten a chance
to wear it yet and soon it’s gonna be way too cold to even imagine wearing something like
this. However as you guys have probably noticed I’m the kind of person who wears open
heels and loafers during winter up until it actually starts snowing and then I’m like
“OK it’s time for winter shoes!” Actually if we could have winter without the snow that would
be so perfect! Anyway I’m gonna spent today re-organizing my closet so I can share some
pictures of it with you guys soon since some of you have been wondering where
I keep all my clothes! Hope you all have a great day!
xo Sylvie

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