Black and white

H&M coat / MONKI turtleneck / LINDEX flares / ZARA boots
Hey everyone! So this is what I wore yesterday. It started snowing again
so I decided to cover up a little more. I chose to wear my favorite white coat with
these flared black jeans. I always get so excited about wearing this coat because I wear
it so rarely mostly because the obvious reason, it’s white. So I’m always kinda paranoid
that I’m gonna mess it up when wearing it (and occasionally asking my friends to
check my back, lol!) Anyway I’m really into the 70’s vibe these days. I feel like my
style keeps changing every day because I get inspired by so many different things and I
wanna constantly try new styles, but I always keep it super minimal because it’s my
aesthetic and it’s what comes naturally to me.. Hope you guys have a great day!
xo Sylvie

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