Vintage coat / MONKI turtleneck / GUCCI belt / NELLY boots (here) / MARC JACOBS bag
Hey guys! Another black and white look from last week. This time I was going
for a really classy vibe for a party I went to. I love how there are always so many parties this
time of the year and I get to wear more edgier looks, not that I really need an excuse to do
that since I love getting dressed up on a regular basis. I haven’t worn these knee high boots in a
really long time and decided that this is the perfect time to wear them before it gets too snowy
to wear them. I think they look really good worn with longer coats as well as the shorter ones too.
The one thing about winter that I’m not really looking forward to is the fact that I wont be able
to wear heels as much and I sometimes find it difficult to style flat winter boots. Though I’m
hoping to find some cool ones that wont make me feel under dressed.. Let’s see!
xo Sylvie

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