Red coat

Vintage coat / H&M blouse / MANGO pants / similar heels (here) and (here)
Hey guys! Here’s another recent look with one of my favorite winter coats!
This one I got recently but it’s vintage like most of my best winter coats. I don’t go
to vintage stores often but when I do I’m always looking for a unique coat that no one
else has. I wear bright colors rarely but I’m so obsessed with this red. I feel like it takes
this look to another level while still keeping it minimal. Besides the coat my other
favorite thing about this look is the flared sleeves of this blouse which for some reason
remind me of Prince! And of course the fishnet socks, which I’m still into but won’t
be wearing for a while since winter has started and it’s time to cover up my feet..
or at least try to! Hope you guys had a great weekend!
xo Sylvie

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