Vintage coat / GINA TRICOT turtleneck / VILA trousers / ASOS flats
Hey guys! I hope your week’s been good so far! Here’s my latest obsession,
another turtleneck! But this time in red. I honestly had this outfit in mind when I bought it.
I was going for a kinda sporty but minimal look, well all my looks are usually minimal so no
surprise there, however the amount of color in this look might be surprising! I love how the bright
red looks with the camel coat paired with black trousers and white flats. I feel like this is one of
those color combinations that just work really well together without being “too much”. There’s
something really effortless about it. One great thing about turtlenecks by the way is that
you don’t really have to wear a scarf with them which is amazing
if you’re not a big fan of scarves like me!
xo Sylvie

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