Red coat

Vintage coat / MONKI turtleneck / H&M skirt / ASOS boots

Hey guys! As you know, I’m really passionate about winter coats and I love wearing

coats that stand out. Which technically isn’t that hard in Finland since a lot of people tend
to wear black all winter long so even the slightest bit of color might stand out without much
effort. I have to admit that when I got this coat I didn’t have practicality in mind nor did I think
if it would mach the other stuff I have in my closet. So what ended up happening is I wore this
coat twice and then decided that I had run out of ways to wear it since it’s super colorful. And I
feel like statement coats can be worn a sertain amount of times before it starts looking
repetitive. So yesterday I realized that I hadn’t worn it with all black yet and got super excited
and came up with this look! But basically what I learned here is to stop impulse shopping
so I could avoid that moment of seeing my clothes hanging sadly in the back of my
closet and feeling guilty for never wearing them lol!
xo Sylvie

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