Black vinyl

TOPSHOP beret / GANT men’s blazer / & OTHER STORIES knit / H&M white blouse /
MANGO vinyl trousers / ASOS vinyl boots / similar bag HERE

Hey friends! Here’s what I wore on Wednesday. It was sunny and warm enough not
to need a winter coat. However I did do some serious layering under this blazer to stay warm.
You can see all my latest obsessions put together in this one outfit: a pinstripe blazer with boxy
shoulders, vinyl trousers and of course ruffled sleeves! I feel like they all compliment each other
so well in this look. I’ve been looking for the perfect vinyl trousers for a long time and I finally
found them so I’m probably gonna be living in these for a while. They make a funny duck sound
when you walk around in them but you get used to it, lol! I thought it looked super cool to
wear them with vinyl boots so they look like they’re attached together like the Vetements boots.
Oh and notice how I’m not wearing a turtleneck in this look? Haha! I’ve been living in
them this entire winter so I guess this is a sign that spring is here!
Hope you guys have an amazing day!

xo Sylvie

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