Orange socks

DRESSMANN shirt / MANGO earrings & trousers / COS socks / ASOS heels

Hey guys! Here’s one of the looks I wore this week. I went to some dinners and parties
and for one of them I decided to wear these orange socks in my heels. I’ve been into this
socks in heels trend for a while now but I’ve never done it with socks this bright. I figured since
I’ve been in the spirit of trying new things I’d go ahead and try this out too! I love the pop of color
they bring to this monochrome look. I think it’s a really unexpected contrast. And as you can
see the vinyl pants are still going strong! I’m not even gonna tell you guys how many times I’ve
worn them since I got them, lol! They just add a cool factor to every outfit. After the busy
week I’ve had I’m really looking forward to not doing anything at all tomorrow!!
Hope you guys are having a great weekend and trying new things too!

xo Sylvie

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