Spring basics

Hey guys! Here’s a recent look that consists of the spring basics. An oversized Leather jacket, white
blouse and high waisted blue jeans with black boots..

Casual yet very strategic. These are the pieces
that make early spring dressing so much easier. It’s not too cold but it’s not hot either so finding
those good pieces that work for this kind of weather is key! Something that keeps you warm but isn’t
as heavily layered as the winter stuff. A leather jacket is a perfect layering piece because it’s warm
enough to wear only a blouse under it and high rise ankle boots are the best when you wanna wear
cropped jeans right now.

I feel like in the summer and spring time I go back to my easy breezy minimal basics where as during
winter I tend to wear a lot more color, mostly with the coats since I don’t wanna bore myself with the
same black coat everyday. This summer I might not wear that much color but I’m gonna stop avoiding
prints and see what happens, haha! Hope you guys have a great day!

H&M jacket
MANGO blouse
LINDEX jeans
ZARA boots
vintage net bag

xo Sylvie

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