Style tip: Mixing Prints

Let’s talk about prints! Here’s something I’ve never done before but I’m currently really obsessed

Mix and matching your prints! I think this is a really interesting way to wear
your fav print pieces… or when you can’t decide which print to wear today, just wear both! I think double
prints can be done in a way that doesn’t look tacky if you chose simple prints like stripes and dots. In
this case they both happen to be in the colors I usually wear (black, blue and white) so there is a sense
of minimalism somewhere in here. I think the more different the prints, the more exciting your outfit will
look. The contrast is what makes this look that much interesting so don’t be afraid to try this out guys
and if you do let me know what kind of prints you went with!

MONKI shirt
vintage dress

xo Sylvie

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