The corset

Hey loves! Here’s the full corset look. I think at this point black, blue and white have become my
trademark colors. I always love a good minimal look and keeping things as simple as possible but I
also have a thing for eye catching pieces that turn heads. Like this corset. I think it’s such an easy
way to make a statement without trying too hard.

Another thing I really like is a retro vibe to my looks. When I go shopping I usually look for things
that fit that kind of style, like oversize blazers and coats or shoes that have a retro shape like these
kitten heels. Believe me when I say that I would have never in a million years imagined myself liking
or going as far as wearing heels this short, but here we are… haha! All in all I think this outfit is
another great example of how minimal doesn’t have to equal boring. PS. the vintage sunglasses are
my dad’s from “back in the day” and the thought of him wearing these in all seriousness really
makes my day!!

GANT men’s blazer
H&M corset
MONKI turtleneck
H&M jeans (d.i.y. ripped)
NA-KD heels

xo Sylvie

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