Hey guys! Here’s a look I wore a little while ago. You guys have probably noticed that I’ve been
embracing prints lately in the spirit of not limiting myself (new year, new me lol!).. Mixing prints
is something I haven’t done before but decided to try out and absolutely loved it. I think sometimes
I get these cool ideas but then I start to wonder if it’s not “minimal enough” since I think I’ve kinda
branded myself as a minimalist for the most part. But I decided to forget that and start stepping outside
my comfort zone and trying all the things that I like and so far so good! I’ve been avoiding mixing
prints because I used to think it was super tacky but I was sooo wrong! I think this color
scheme works really well and the prints compliment each other really well.

MONKI shirt
MARC JACOBS “Madison” bag
Vintage dress
ZARA boots

xo Sylvie

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