Here’s a look from a rainy day a while ago. Navy blue shirt, blue jeans and slingbacks.
This look was shot literally a few months ago and I thought I had shared it already, but I hadn’t so here it is!
More proof that this basket works for all kinds of looks. I think this one is pretty casual but the sleeves of
the shirt add an unexpected element. They kinda remind me of a cheerleader costume with the white stripes and
pleats. I also love the detail on the jeans and how they seem to elongate my legs. I’ve been wearing these since
winter and I’m still super into them. My basket is never far away as you guys know. It’s one of my most worn bags
and I can tell you guys that it’s been with me everywhere you can imagine. Still can’t get over how good it looks
with everything. Even tho it’s very “let’s go to the market” it never looks out of place.

COS shirt
jeans HERE
ASOS heels
vintage basket

x Sylvie


  1. Hey Sylvie! Back at it again with the basket bag and I’m LOVING it. Super inspirational, can’t wait to try it out!

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