I’m back with another uncomplicated look, this time accessorized with the basket and kitten heels..
I’ve been really into ripped jeans at the beginning of summer and this is one of the looks that prove it. I feel like
nothing says “cool” quite like ripped jeans.. OK maybe leather does that too, but it’s maybe too hot for that now. I
was going for an easy summer look with no fuss or too many things going on. I love the sleeves of this blouse I think
It’s super feminine and together with the ripped jeans they create a good contrast. I also thought these kitten heels
would give this look a bit more detail with their interesting shape. It’s funny how a few years ago I would have never
imagined wearing heels this low but now I’m obsessed with them! That’s my favorite thing about fashion and my own
personal style is that it’s always evolving and I kinda never know what I’m gonna be into next.. so stay tuned!

ZARA blouse
H&M jeans (ripped by me)
NA-KD heels

xo Sylvie

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