Here’s what I wore on Tuesday. It was the perfect day for just a t shirt and blue jeans.
I decided to try something new and wear my fanny pack sideways over one shoulder and I have to
say that I am loving it! It’s a small detail that really makes the whole look a lot more interesting. Especially since
it’s super minimal. In addition to the fanny pack I’m also really into pointy slide in mules. Perfect for adding that chic
vibe and elevating a basic outfit. Also mom jeans are a big big favorite right now, actually all jeans in general! I
think I have a slight addiction to denim which is fine since I practically live in jeans or denim skirts during summer.
Tho this summer I’ll try to get into more dresses, let’s see how that works out! Have great day loves!

LINDEX jeans
similar fanny pack HERE
similar shoes HERE

xo Sylvie

4 replys to THE BASICS

  1. LOVE this outfit. I’m always looking for ways to wear my pointed toe heels, and for some reason I’ve never thought of just using them to dress up a casual, jeans-n-tee outfit.
    Fanny pack looks great as well!

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