Here’s what I wore yesterday. Grey tones to match the grey weather.
I’m back in my element with this androgynous look. There’s something I find so cool about mixing men’s wear
with feminine pieces. It’s this kind of contrast that always creates the most interesting outfits in my opinion. I
was trying to create a look that was both comfortable and chic so I decided to wear the grey blazer with a white
tube top and light grey soft trousers and black pointy slide in mules. For the accessories I layered two gold
necklaces on top of each other and wore my fanny pack the basic way, which I never do but I just recently discovered
that it actually doesn’t look silly! I think it’s the perfect cut-off between the top and the trousers. Basically this
fanny pack could be another alternative for belts. I keep surprising myself with things I never thought I’d wear but
I’m honestly super excited to see what I’ll be into next! Hope you guys are having an amazing week!

LUHTA blazer
ASOS top
90’s fanny pack

x Sylvie

2 replys to GREY TONES

  1. Loving them pants! Loose, classy and summer-perfect! Also excellent coat choice. Look is cool and the bag compliments the look in all kind of waaaaays. <3


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