Today’s look is black and white and fitting for a casual Monday!
I’m back after the super long weekend I had full of parties, dining and festival fun. I wanted to wear something
super casual today since all I did was sleep until one and go out to eat with friends, which I feel like is totally
OK when you’re on holiday. I went with these black Levi’s 501’s which always look good with any kind of look, a
simple white t which I spiced up with two gold colored necklaces and I also decided to break in these vintage square
toe pumps. I’m really into statement shoes with unusual shapes right now. And lastly the one accessory that
makes this entire outfit, the fanny pack! It’s my favorite trend from the 90’s and I’ve been wearing it super often,
because I think it adds a “cool-factor” to my outfits. I hope you guys had a great day!

WEEKDAY t shirt
Fanny pack from the 90’s
LEVI’S 501 jeans

x Sylvie

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