Here’s what I wore on Tuesday morning. A suede shirt and blue jeans.
I took a dive into the back of my closet and re-discovered this suede shirt I got years ago that I hadn’t worn in
a really long time. I thought it would be the perfect match for these jeans and suede mules. I accessorized with
earrings and an ankle bracelet, which I think always looks really good with cropped blue jeans or any other kind of
wide cropped trousers. I also had my net bag with me, which has proven to be super practical this summer. I Actually
ended up wearing two outfits that day since it got too hot for me to wear this look all day. The second look was a
floral dress which you’ll see very soon! Hope you all have an awesome day!

Jeans HERE and HERE
Similar heels HERE
Vintage netbag

x Sylvie

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