A quick shot of what I’m wearing today: a white t and my floral dress as a skirt.
I’ve been wearing this dress in various ways since the beginning of this year. In winter I wore it layered
with many other pieces (here) and now in the summer time I’m finding other interesting ways to wear it again.
It’s always so exciting when I find new ways to wear something from my closet instead of always buying new things
(for some reason I can’t apply this to heels, lol) I feel like it kinda gives your wardrobe a history. I also think it’s
good to create a collection of good pieces that you’ll have for a super long time and you can always just pair them
with new pieces that make them look fresh and new again. I’ll do a more informative post about my wardrobe staples
soon where I’ll show you guys my most warn pieces. But anyways I was looking for a way to make this dress look
minimal so I figured a white t would do the trick. I’m accessorizing with layered necklaces and small golden
hoops and my everyday leather mules. Hope you guys have an amazing day!!

WEEKDAY t shirt
Vintage dress
Similar mules HERE

x Sylvie

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