On My Mind

A shopping list inspired by 90’s hip hop culture and athleisure.
I’ve been in the spirit of trying new things lately. Which is what this year has been about for me, embracing
new things like floral prints, pops of bright colors and unconventional shapes. Sportswear has never really
appealed to me despite me being a 90’s baby and growing up on old school hip hop. I can’t deny tho how cool it looks
when it’s pulled of right, but I’m slowly starting to feel myself gravitating towards it. I’m not at all into hoodies
and sneakers but a black and white tracksuit with a zip up polo top I can do! And that paired with a long
vinyl trench coat and a red fannypack, to-die-for!

TOPSHOP vinyl trenchcoat, ALIGHIERI gold necklace, ADIDAS ORIGINALS tracksuit, GUCCI fannypack

x Sylvie

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