Here’s what I wore yesterday.
A vintage oversize trench coat. I had been looking for a trench coat like this one for soo long
in this sort of ‘crispy?’ material that didn’t feel too soft. So I turned to my fav vintage shops and finally
found it. It’s a men’s coat so it’s really large which is what I like when it comes to coats and since I am quite
tall I don’t look like I’m drowning in it. My favorite thing about this coat is the long belt which gives this coat an
edgy vibe. I decided to wear it over black leather pants, a thin ribbed shirt and these sock boots. Black and beige
always complement each other so well so it’s a fail safe combo. I also did something I haven’t done in a long time
which is wearing my coat off the shoulders. A cool little styling trick learned from Balenciaga many seasons ago.

Vintage trench coat
Similar pants HERE
ZARA boots

x Sylvie

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