There’s nothing I love more than wearing a suit.
Here’s a look from Friday. I went out in a suit, just for fun. All black is always a go-to of mine when
I feel like I wanna keep it simple. However I did end up wearing these pastel colored earrings and white heels
just to add a little interesting detail to the look. Pantsuits have really become super trendy lately, another
thing to thank the 90’s for. And while there are many ways to wear one, I think in one color and oversize is the
way to go. I’m currently looking for a white suit to recreate this look for an event that’s coming up! I was super
tempted to wear my fannypack as a waist belt in this look. I ended up not doing it but it would be a really cool
styling trick to give your waist some shape in a look that’s so oversize.

LOGIC blazer
VILA trousers
Vintage heels
GINA TRICOT earrings

x Sylvie

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  1. Oon surkea blogikommentoija, mutta nyt on pakko: rakastan sun blogia ja tyylitajua. Ihanaa, että on blogi joka oikeasti keskittyy tyyliin ja silmiä hiveleviin asukokonaisuuksiin. Haluan sanoa kiitos ja ihanaa syksyä. XX

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