Here’s what I was wearing yesterday.
All white is one of my fav combos that I always like to get back to when I’ve been wearing a lot of dark colors
like I have lately. It finally stopped raining over here so I decided to brighten up my looks a bit too!
I came up with this look as I was organizing my closet into color coordination and realized that I had a lot of white
pieces that could actually make something super cool. I rarely wear this coat because I’m not one of those lucky people
who can wear white and manage to keep it clean throughout the day, but you know what, clothes are meant to be worn!
So here it is, simple, monochrome and edgy! I added the black fanny pack for contrast and my latest obsession,
these tiny sunglasses that i found in a vintage store this summer.

H&M coat and jeans
COS t shirt
Vintage heels
Fanny pack HERE

x Sylvie



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