Another look with the leather jacket from a week ago.
A leather jacket and another attempt at these berets. I’m not usually a hat girl, but I made the exception
for this Kangol beret. I think the logo is so cool and it takes me back to all those rap videos i grew up watching.
So it basically adds some street cred to your look. I’ve been finding so many ways to wear this leather jacket and so
many things that look good with it. But that’s the thing about black coats and jacket tho, or black as a color in general,
it goes with absolutely everything! So when looking for something fail safe, go with black. With this look I was going
for a casual look, but focused on the details. The mix of materials here are what make this look interesting.

KANGOL beret / Vintage jacket / ESPRIT pants / ASOS boots

x Sylvie

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