What I was wearing on a super early Thursday morning.
So I’m back to black, but only momentarily. This winter I intend to wear as little black as possible
or at least try to fight the urge to wear all black. One thing that draws me to an all black look is how effortless
it always looks. Like no matter how much layering or intricate detail you’ve put into the look, it automatically
looks chic. In this outfit I added a white men’s shirt to soften the all black vibes. I wore my fav leather jacket,
which to my surprise is perfect for this weather. Paired with denim flares and my trusted sock boots.
Super simple but you can’t go wrong with monochromatic looks.

Vintage jacket / DRESSMANN shirt / Similar flares HERE and HERE /
ZARA boots / VAGABOND bag

x Sylvie

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