STYLE TIP: Belt bag

A cool way to wear your purse hands free.
This is something I’ve been doing lately, wearing my purse as a belt. It’s super easy if the
bag has long straps like this one. Just tie them around your waist as you would a belt. This
would with no doubt be achieved easier with a fanny pack but I love finding new ways to
wear my accessories. And I think a bag of this shape looks perfect worn like this.
Definitely something to try out!


x Sylvie

4 replys to STYLE TIP: Belt bag

    1. Yessss!! Voit kans kokeilla ihan tavallisella pikkulaukulla! Kierrät vaa sen hihnaa sun vyötärön ympärille pari kertaa niinku vyö ja tadaaa look achieved! 😉

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